The highest quality

Shop fittings

Tilamar is a carpentry factory serving high-quality shop fittings, We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing furniture and fittings for commercial spaces. With 25 years in the business, we are Finland’s most experienced producer of carpentry fittings for grocery stores and furnishings for retail businesses.

Unique shop fittings made to measure

Tilamar manufactures shop fittings for small stores, mid-sized supermarkets, as well as entire departments for shopping malls and hypermarkets. In addition, we manufacture customer service furnishings for various areas, such as cashier, information and sales promotion desks. Phasellus vestibulum purus mauris, non sagittis sapien molestie vel. Fusce gravida augue sit amet justo porttitor auctor. Nunc consequat tortor sed convallis blandit.

We serve our wide customer base throughout the whole country. We deliver our products in parts, preassembled or finished and fitted. Every furnishing project is unique. That’s why each project is customized to your individual needs.

Smoothly from start to finish

We are furnishing professionals serving retail professionals. That’s why majority of leading purchasers, shop owners and contractors have chosen us as their trusted partner. We are known for high-quality products, smooth execution and agility.

Never compromising quality

We take our craftsmanship and staff’s well-being very seriously.

Our ethos of quality is derived from fully understanding of our customers’ needs and goals. It forms the basis of everything we do. We take personal responsibility for quality and together we manufacture our products as agreed and deliver when agreed. We take personal responsibility for quality and together we manufacture our products as agreed and deliver when agreed.


Our sales went up 20 %

”Work can be done in many ways – the people at Tilamar put their hearts in everything they do. The staff is genuinely interested in our needs, our challenges and our problems. Everything is dealt with care and solutions are customized for our needs. And the price of Tilamar’s custom-made solutions doesn’t exceed standard fittings. Since we’ve refurnished with Tilamar’s products, our sales has increased by 20%, so I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Tilamar.”

Tom Eriksson, Shop Owner
K-Citymarket Salo

Together with you

We are known for positivity and productiveness. We are here for our customers, and actively develop our products and services to serve you better. Listening and doing together with you is the best way to succeed, so we listen very carefully before doing. It only succeeds and only genuinely listening to our customers and doing together.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!


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