High-quality retail fittings

- with 30 years of experience

Tilamar is a carpentry factory that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing commercial furniture for the retail trade. With 30 years in the business, we are Finland’s most experienced provider of carpentry fittings for grocery stores and retail fittings and furnishings.

Our services


We design functional,
great-looking and
sales-promoting fittings.


We manufacture
all our products
in our own factory.

Project Management

We are here to help and guide you through every stage of your project.


We install your
furnishings and fittings
with care and punctuality.


With the help of signage- and information design, clarity is created in commercial spaces, they increase visibility and support the brand look.

Interior Construction

Our interior construction services enable the comprehensive delivery of the entire space renovation. We carry out the entire project on a turnkey basis.


With lighting you complete the space, increase the usability of the space, select products to highlight and create an atmosphere.

Great retail fittings are








Our sales went up 20 %

”Work can be done in many ways – the people at Tilamar put their hearts in everything they do. The staff is genuinely interested in our needs, our challenges and our problems. Everything is dealt with care and solutions are customized for our needs. And the cost of Tilamar’s custom-made solutions doesn’t exceed standard fittings. Since we’ve refurnished with Tilamar’s products, our sales has increased by 20%, so I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Tilamar.

Tom Eriksson, Shop Owner
K-Citymarket Salo